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Published Apr 25, 2014
By Keisha Lynn

What is so alluring about the Bass?  Is it the manner in which one’s fingers seem to glide effortlessly across each string creating a harmonic rhythmic punch?  Or is it a combination or the sound, style and substance of the individual playing it?  However you choose to define it, the definition cannot be complete without including the 40 plus year career of Stanley Clarke.

With a history rich in having played with some the worlds most accomplished Jazz musicians, Stanley Clarke is the epitome of longevity within the industry.  Whether serving as producer or taking center stage as the key performer, Stanley has proven time and time again that success is eared by those daring enough to relentlessly pursue it.

Stanley graciously sat down with The Detroit International Jazz Magazine during his recent performance in Detroit.  Giving a sort of musical recipe for success within the industry, Stanley spoke about the importance of not only talent, but having a business mindset and surrounding yourself with individuals who are loyal and committed to your vision.

Photography by Felicia Tolbert